Change is inevitable..

Someone has rightly said that change is the only constant in life. Whether we like it or not it tip toes in our lives. Sometimes we anticipate it and prepare for it but sometimes it self invites itself and takes us by surprise. Either way, change is inevitable.

Every experience in our life changes something within us. The first time when we go to school, when we leave home and go to college, when we move to another city to join a new job, when we fall in love, every heartbreak, when we walk down the aisle and so many experiences in between.

This article is about one such beautiful experience and the changes it brought into my life. It’s about my journey so far to motherhood.


We welcomed our daughter in our life around 14 months ago. But the change began way before that, when I first came to know that their is a life flourishing within me.

When I look back now in retrospect I realize that every step I took in this journey taught me something valuable and made me what I am today.

  • I’ve had a tough pregnancy, I was on a low fat, no sugar diet. Instead of  satisfying my cravings with ice cream and pudding I had to poke a needle in my fingers several times a day to monitor the sugar levels. It was a difficult time, but when I look back now it feels like it all happened to bring a positive change in my life. I lost the pregnancy weight quickly after the delivery and became more cautious about the choices I make related to my health in everyday life.
  • I stopped taking my body and health for granted and started exercising as soon as I joined back work. Although I am still not consistent but it’s always there in my subconscious mind and I won’t give up until it becomes a habit.
  • I was fascinated with the concept of pregnancy shoot and new born photo shoot and like every parent wanted to capture every special moment of my daughter. I thought about it and decided to get a DSLR camera of my own. In January this year I bought a camera, enrolled for a beginners photography course online and to my surprise now I enjoy taking photographs more than getting my picture clicked.
  • I was a lazy bone when it came to packing and planning for a trip. I planned a trip when my daughter was just 8 months old. It included 3 hours flight and few road trips as well. I began planning 2-3 months in advance, jotting down every little detail and started packing around two weeks before. As hard work paid off we had a lovely time along with some minor glitches which are expected when u are travelling with an infant.
  • The biggest change was to stop watching television. Believe it or not I was a TV junkie,  I use to watch anything and everything. After my daughter was born we made a conscious decision not to watch TV in front of her and gradually we completely stopped it. And suddenly my day just opened up for a lot of other things.

These are some of the many changes that the arrival of this little angel brought into our lives. Of course sometimes it gets really tough and messy, but nothing good happens without paying a price right.

It’s like lifting heavy weights, at that moment you feel exhausted and want to quit but by the course of time it makes you muscular. Parenting is also like that, every stressful situation is an opportunity to learn something new.

Every chapter in our life is driven by a change, determined to take us somewhere. It depends on us whether we want to be a driver or a pillion. It’s indeed not the change but our attitude towards it that decides what we become out of it.

Change is inevitable. The trick in life is not to try to avoid change, but to create the change. Then it’s the change you choose.

-Neal Donald Walsch


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